Dame Kelly Holmes Trust

Ben Hilton & Suzanne Miller


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Our guests on the show today are Ben Hilton & Suzanne Miller of the Dame Kelly Holmes Trust.

Dame Kelly launched the trust in 2008 to achieve her vision to create a legacy from her athletics career that would benefit young people, believing every child needs a hero – someone to look up to and be inspired by.

Ben Hilton found the sport for development sector through his passion for helping others. He brought his background in performing arts to the role of CEO and leads the Trust to its goal of helping 10,000 young people with their variety of programs.

Suzanne is an ex-world-class doubles Badminton player, who has represented Great Britain countless times. Now an Athlete Mentor and leading her own Badminton Academy, she has committed herself to supporting and training a new generation of young people.


If that dream is taken away from you, for whatever reason out of your control, what else can you look in your life to be really fulfilled?


Kelly always says it only takes one person to change your life.


Not all of us are going to be the best in the world, but what skills you are learning here, what your sport can teach you, sets you up for life.


For us, it’s all about the impact, and if we get our impact right, our growth will follow.


It doesn’t have to be the worlds best training session. It just needs to be consistent.

More impact less work

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