Wellbeing Through Sport

Chris Irwin


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Our guest this episode is Chris Irwin, Co-Founder and Director of Wellbeing Through Sport.

Following successfully exiting two businesses under the EdStart brand, Chris took his passion for improving children’s lives to launch Wellbeing Through Sport to connect physical activity to wellbeing and mental health support for children.

During the episode we discuss Chris’s career as a professional rugby league player and how he started and scaled the EdStart brand to become an industry leader in alternative education and sports coaching. Chris opens up about his decision to move on and the acquisition process in detail, a great insight for those business owners thinking about planning for the future.

We also talk about his vision for Wellbeing Through Sport and how he is working collaboratively to increase the impact of the programme.


Can I be financially secure with three children living in this detached house, and can I get a better work-life balance?


I was quite against franchises initially because of the horror stories about only being as good as your last franchisee.


When you start losing your passion for something, you’ve probably taken it as far as you can.


If life throws a curveball at you, and you don’t have those core life skills to deal with it, then that’s where mental health issues really set in.


If you’re passionate about it enough and you care about it enough, there’s a good chance to become successful off the back of it, so just be patient.

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