Rugby League Cares

Chris Rostron


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Our Guest this episode is Chris Rostron, the Head of Rugby League Cares.

The charity that supports people involved at every level of the sport, from junior clubs to current and former players.

Chris has been at the forefront of Rugby League for community development having launched and scaled two of the most influential community programmes for the Bradford Bulls and Leeds Rhinos.

He took this knowledge and experience to build RL Cares to where it is today. During the episode we dig into the charities programmes and hear about the upcoming Rugby League Museum.


I had a really positive experience with PE in school, it’s the one thing I really loved in school.


The break away has huge meaning for the sport and we need to preserve it and keep telling the stories for future generations.


Player welfare is all about helping people holistically and giving them the opportunity to flourish.


Good people in the right roles with clarity and ownership of their objective is key.

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