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Dr Kevin Currell


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Our guest this episode is Kevin Currell, Director of Performance Support and Science at the English Institute of Sport.

Kevin is now one of the longest-running employees at the English Institute of Sport, having started as an intern.

Throughout his career, he has supported athletes through numerous Olympic cycles and worked with around 70% of the medalling sports at Rio alone. The English Institute of Sport, celebrates its 20 years of service to our athletes this year.

During the episode we discuss his early life and influences as well as the traits present within top performing athletes and how working in a success driven environment shapes his approach to leadership.


I probably thought I was going to be a professional footballer, and to be honest, I clearly wasn’t.


They won’t just let you in just because you have the right pieces of paper or accreditation. They will make you work for it.


It’s not hard to get motivated every day to help the athletes achieve something amazing, and fulfil their dreams.


For me, exercise is absolutely key.


If you want something, be persistent.

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