Greenhouse Sports

Jason Sugrue


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Jason is Head of Sports & Coaching and Lead at Greenhouse Sports.

A former table tennis champion that has channelled his sporting and life experiences into the development of thousands of young people across London.

We cover a lot of ground in this episode, hearing about Jason’s early life, the tragic death of his father and how it drove him to make the most of his talent.

We also look at the great work that Greenhouse is doing in the capital and their aspirations for growth. Learning about the impact of adverse childhood experiences or ACEs on a person’s life chances and the huge impact COVID had on Jason personally and the young people he works with.


The environment you build as a sports activity centre has a much wider impact than just normally that place where you planned.


Initially there was anger and anger was good for a young athlete… I could channel it into the game… into the sport… into my training.


A lot of kids here now are getting recognition in the local newspaper… they need to know that people from the community are trying to become the best they can be.

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