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SCL Education Group

Lewis Field & Steve Franks


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Our guests on this episode are Lewis Field and Steve Franks, founders of SCL Group.

They have gone from team mates on the football pitch to leading one of the most successful sports education companies in the UK together.

Building SCL to a company that employs people across the UK, providing sports coaching, education and employment.

Their motivation was to create a business from something they were both passionate about: football. In over 20 years, they’ve produced a brand that is trusted by parents, schools, colleges and most importantly young people.

We hear the story behind the success and their views on the sector at large.

So get a pen and paper ready to take notes from a pioneering high performing leaders.


I combined my passion for football and coaching. I really love teaching young kids and coaching young people that (you) hope could be professionals.


It gets to that point where you get to structure things a bit more (on hiring new people).


You have to go back to your roots and think of these students… would you be proud of (what you did).

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