Liverpool FC Foundation

Matt Parish


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Our Guest this episode is Matt Parish, CEO of the Liverpool FC Foundation.

Matt is at the forefront of football for development, leading the foundation for the current Premier League champions. He initially started out in teaching before moving into community sports development and working with two of the largest foundations in the UK.

Matt walks us through his philosophy of community engagement and past experience of using the power of the club to engage with diverse local communities.

We dig into the challenges of the pandemic and his plans for the future of the foundation.


This pandemic hasn’t gone anywhere; what it has created is a lot more needed than there was before.


I personally feel quite passionately that we should look to work in partnership with others in the community and bring all our respective best parts or any good partnership, and use the power of the Liverpool badging foundation to uplift those partners as well.


I believe in being visible, not being restricted.


Trust your instinct, and trust your judgment.

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