Another Round

Max Cotton


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Our guest in this episode is Max Cotton, Founder & CEO of Another Round.

He is at the forefront of personal training tech using AI to enhance client experience.

Max had a passion for combat sports at a young age, going on to train in a Thai Boxing camp before settling in Nottingham to study and beginning his journey to becoming a pro MMA fighter.

Following his career in combat sports he embarked on a corporate career but fitness was always his passion. Working as a PT in the city he founded a successful adult training program, before starting Another Round which took off during the pandemic.

Another Round is now an app as well as a fitness programme, that uses AI to make personal training smarter and more affordable. Max has now secured investment from serial entrepreneur and Pure Gym Founder Peter Roberts.

During the episode we discuss Max’s journey and how he scaled Another Round during a pandemic.


Think of where you want to be and work backwards from there.


Unless you are in the top 15 in the world, MMA will not be a full time job.


Your business is your fight, it is everything.


There are very few instances where you should go full AI….AI does things quicker not better.


I’m focused on how many people can we reach with our technology.


You need to unlearn the solo mentality of doing everything yourself and learn to communicate.

More impact less work

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