Badu Sports

Nana Badu & Olivia Eastwood-Gray


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On this episode we welcome the team from Badu Sports, Founder and CEO Nana Badu and Brand Manager Olivia Eastwood-Gray.

Badu Sports are an organisation built from the vision of founder Nana Badu. Their approach is community focused and have developed a truly demand led organisation.

Engaging with blue chip partners on their terms has enabled them to grow whilst staying close to their values. This came into its own during the pandemic with local residents turning to them when in crisis.

Always developing and moving forward Badu have a wide range of programmes and exciting future plans and we dive into all of them during this episode.


Purposeful work first, then build excellence.


Everything we do is based on solving community challenges.


Agencies partnered with us as we were the most seamless way of reaching the community during lockdown.


We are determined to create more spaces and empower young people to own, run and manage them.


I have had to let go and trust a lot more people, and understand that they also believe in the vision.

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