Nicola Walker


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Our Guest this episode is Nicola Walker, CEO of Sported.

The UK’s largest network of community groups promoting fairness and creating opportunities for young people through grassroot sport and physical activity.

We discuss Nicola’s early career in leisure and working on groundbreaking customer loyalty schemes. The origin of Sported and her journey to becoming the CEO and working with 2,600 organisations.

As well as the support needed for community groups coming out of lockdown and into the next 12 months.

We also take a look at digital transformation for the 3rd sector and her take on closing the digital poverty gap.

Enjoy the show.


Only 20% of girls after school continue to be play active sport, it just absolutely falls off a cliff.


Thousands of community groups doing amazing work and they are the best channel to get young people active. Sported was set up to offer free professional services to those organisations.


Having more experience of different disciplines actually helps you take a much more holistic approach to an organisation.


There is absolutely no question in my mind that good people make all the difference.

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