Women in Sport

Stephanie Hilborne OBE


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Our guest this episode is Stephanie Hilborne, CEO of Women in Sport.

Stephanie is a seasoned leader, having been CEO at The Wildlife Trusts and is an advocate for females across all stages of their lives in sport.

During the episode we talk through Stephanie’s career in sustainability and conservation, how she was brought up with a strong understanding that sport and great role models taught resilience, focus and hard work.

We also debate how to keep girls engaged in sport and how Women in Sport tackles the obvious as well as the invisible barriers that work to push girls and women away from sport.


The expectations and gender stereotyping start at birth.


We’ve got to support women in sport, but we need everyone to be participating.


The resistance to change comes because it feels like something has been taken away from them.


There’s no reason why a male coach can’t learn to be brilliant at supporting girls and women through all of those different things that they won’t have experienced themselves.


With me, I think it’s just always trying to step away so that I can see what’s actually important.

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