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Steve Beharall


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Our guest this episode is Steve Beharall, Head of the Newcastle United Foundation.

In November the Foundation gets the keys to their new state-of-the-art multi-million pound facility NUCASTLE. The facility sits on the site of the old Murray House Recreation Centre and brings multiple influential partners together to engage the community.

Steve grew up in the east end of Newcastle and has forged a career that has impacted his community and beyond. Working with the clubs Academy to develop talented players and leading the Foundation to develop opportunities for all.

During the episode, Steve talks us through his major influences and his career journey as well as his aspirations for the future of the Foundation.


It was the old FA prelim, then which would be a level two now, in those 12 weeks, I just realised that actually I just liked helping people.


We get so much in-kind support from the club that we couldn’t actually put a pound sign on it would, it would be hundreds of 1000s of pounds every year.


STEM and digital is huge. The reality is, we don’t know what the future jobs are going to be. It’s about promoting careers in those growth industries.


We’re trying to connect purpose to our work so that people are inspired and they are whistling to work as many days as they possibly can.


You’ll end up where you deserve to be.

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