Planet Super League

Tom Gribbin


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Our guest this episode is Tom Gribbin, Co-Founder and CEO of Planet Super League.

He co-founded Planet Super League to combine three psychological drivers he was well-versed in: a passion for football, the digital space and influencing environmentally-friendly lifestyle changes.

Consistently taking positive climate action can be challenging, Planet Super League has been successful in capturing football fans passion for their team and competition to make change.

During the episode we discuss Tom’s early life and school sport experience, his career in sustainability and his first start up children’s activity tracking company Boost.

We also dig into the role that sport plays in Tom’s wellbeing and how it helps to balance the stresses of being a start up CEO.


I think with today’s younger generation, there’s this real pressure to find your thing and then go for it.


So in the third year, I said I’ve got one chance here, and I studied like mad and did all my coursework just to finish and get it done.


What data are we getting? We know the kids are enjoying it because they’re coming back and turning up each week, but are we helping fight obesity?


That’s the power that sport has on us. It brings us together.


If you’ve got the desire and the will and the drive, you will figure out how to navigate this.

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