London Youth Games

Andy Dalby-Welsh


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Our guest this episode is Andy Dalby-Welsh, CEO of the London Youth Games.

The annual event has offered 1.5 million young people with opportunities for sport and competition.

An avid sportsman Andy attended Birmingham University, whilst studying there developed a rare eye condition which meant he had to re-imagine his life and career. He became a cricketer playing for England and Sussex’s blind cricket teams.

In the process, he realised that many young people could find school unengaging if they’re blind or visually impaired. He decided to build a charity project that would offer them access to sport and excursions that would give them their first opportunity for independence.

He continued his career in sports development working at The Change Foundation and the Activity Alliance on their international and national programmes. Now, the CEO of the London Youth Games, a youth-based sports competition that inspired athletes including Mo Farah and Dina Asher-Smith.


It was just super surreal for it to happen so quickly and completely out of the blue.


It completely changed my world and sent me in a completely different career direction.


I had a real drive to try and lead an organisation and challenge myself.


What we want to be doing is building our offer even further so that we make it as accessible to everybody, no matter their background.


I think I was fortunate to be given that positivity, and in a sense, that’s enabled me to keep moving forward.

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