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Rowena Samarasinhe


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Our guest this episode is Rowena Samarasinhe, Consultant & Partner at Level.

She is a Sports Lawyer, consultant and entrepreneur who at an early age, realised that making sport accessible for everyone was a key part of where she wanted to focus her career.

Training as a solicitor, she went on to become a commercial transaction lawyer specialising in sponsorship and revenue generation for athletic events and the athletes themselves.

During the show we discuss her experience of negotiating deals and commercial sports partnerships, and lessons learned during a career in sport.

We also talk about her passion for Rugby and Athletics and future projects and ventures.


I feel that I really got the most I could have gotten out of it.


We have so much access to watching sport and athletics, and we have these amazing role models in front of us.


And that was the stuff that was really exciting to me.


It’s just figuring out what your absolute must-haves are and what the things you can really let go of.


If you follow what you believe in, you will always succeed.

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