Rounders England

Natalie Justice-Dearn


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Our guest in this episode is Natalie Justice-Dearn, CEO of Rounders England.

Natalie has been at the forefront of the most significant sports development success stories. Which saw huge increases in participation and profile in sports in the UK. Having held leadership roles in both Women’s Football and Cycling during rapid growth phases for each sport.

Now as CEO of Rounders England, she and her team have developed a 10-year strategy called Rounders: Reconnected. The focus of this ambitious strategy is to capitalise on the positive memories that most harbour in the British Education system for Rounders and connect people to the sport and to each other.

During the show, we discuss Natalie’s early memories of playing football and the distance travelled in the women’s game at the grassroots level, as well as insight from leading projects across multiple sports governing bodies.


I think the opportunities that are around now obviously are only right. That’s how it should be.


There was clearly that demand, but I think it took a few key people that were really pushing for it and making them invest.


It was really pleasing to see that change and to be part of that change.


I just love working in sport.


It’s not all been plain sailing. There’s been lots of battles, and there will continue to be lots of battles.

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