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Chris Grant


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Chris works at the highest level of UK sports administration – He is a specialist in leadership and building consensus and currently an Independent Board Member of Sport England.

In this episode Chris talks us through his early life growing up in South London, his initial career and his experience as CEO of Sported for 4 years.

Chris’ resume is a who’s who of top tier UK sports organisations, he has held board positions at Youth Sports Trust, The London 2012 International inspiration programme, and is currently in the running to become the next FA Chairman.

We hear his thoughts on the UK sporting landscape and the international perception of the UK in a sporting context.

A wide ranging conversation with valuable takeaways for anyone leading an organisation in sport.


Sports is also a place where people meet, where people learn skills. And for anyone who’s interested in social justice, social equality and social mobility, sports is one of the most effective ways to achieve that.


There is nothing greater than the torch relays… you saw people carrying the torch and the people coming out where these community heroes and heroines volunteers, just people just, you know, but for me genuinely, even now, when I talk about it, it’s the most inspiring bit.


Sports, it brings together often the most valuable things, which was an opportunity for me to use a bit of my strength.

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