Birmingham 2022

Geoff Thompson


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Our guest in this episode is Geoff Thompson MBE and Deputy Chairman of the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games.

Geoff has used his platform as a world champion to inspire and lead the Sport for peace and development movement, launching the Youth Charter and becoming a champion for young people.

He has held roles at the highest level of global sports administration and has a network of the great and good of world sport. After a period outside the public eye Geoff’s desire to affect change was motivated by the killing of George Floyd and he stepped back into public life to take on his latest challenge with the Birmingham 2022 team.

We discuss Geoff’s early life, the challenges, how he found karate and his mentor Mr Kobiashi. We also dig into his leadership philosophies and performance habits, as well as coming out of retirement and his bid to qualify for major championships.


I think karate is one of the most subconsciously brilliant systems to develop individual and collective respect and discipline.


My first objective was not a gold medal, it was to get my black belt.


If not for George Floyd, I would not have come back to public life.


Let’s be clear, this will be the first multi-sport event that will have been delivered with a two year vital period of the games planned remotely.


Stress kills, pressure is healthy if you know what to do with it, how to channel it, and express it in the right way.

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