Welsh Athletics

James Williams


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Our guest this episode is James Williams, CEO of Welsh Athletics.

James is an ex international athlete and Commonwealth Games team manager. Now CEO of the National Governing Body he is responsible for driving the infrastructure, participation and elite performance of the sport in Wales.

Sport has been an integral part of his life and during the episode we discuss James’ childhood growing up in a famous sporting family.

His early career in sales with Gibert Rugby where he scaled the brand’s footprint across Wales and the south west. We also discuss the decision to leave that career behind to follow his passion of helping athletics fulfil its potential.


If I can see things that could be done better, I won’t shy away from them, and I always try to get involved.


It was really fascinating going through and seeing the change in the sector and seeing how the brand I worked for evolved.


They want everything to change without changing anything, that’s how I see it. They recognise change is needed but don’t try to change anything.


We as a sport have a responsibility to show our worth to the community and to show worth to invest back into the facilities.


Be willing to take risks, and don’t be afraid to fail.

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