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Our guest this episode is Mike Emery, CEO of Joymo.

Mike was originally drawn to Sports Journalism, but finding his calling soon after completing his degree, he launched World at Play, a children’s charity committed to using sport to help disadvantaged children worldwide.

Now 4 years into his position at Joymo, the streaming service has throughout the pandemic, continued to grow as a platform dedicated to streaming grassroots and longtail sport.

During the episode, we discuss the impact of attending an International College made on his career, the challenges of running a start up through a pandemic and the opportunity for the democratisation sports rights.


As you get older, you can kind of reflect on the things that made you happy as a person.


How can I then stop doing that thing that I did, knowing that it did something so positive for someone?


One of the reasons why my colleagues work for this business is because they believe in the heart of it.


We’ve realised that we can operate at a bigger level in a bigger space and deliver something really exciting.


A real challenge that we have in the business is how do we make this work?

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